Harmony School Management

Harmony School Management

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Immediately upon registration of students in Harmony by the school office, they are ready for circulation in the Media Center. Easy check-out and check-in processes as well as adding new materials are all quickly executed in Harmony's Media Center solution.
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Who has the best SMS in Indiana?

Harmony is the leading SMS in Indiana schools.

Harmony with Indiana

Harmony has an excellent working relationship with the STN Application Center, Commission for Higher Education, Indiana State Department of Health, and Parchment. We do our best to be knowledgeable in all areas that influence our schools.

  • All Indiana state reports are available through Harmony. As data layouts and requirements change, Harmony automatically updates the necessary components, removing that burden from the schools. The schools are responsible for making sure their data is correct, and Harmony will make sure the data formats and file layouts match current specifications. Harmony attends quarterly webinars with the Director of Data Collections from the STN Application Center to ensure we are “in-the-know” on all upcoming changes and expectations of state reporting.
  • Harmony has worked with the CHE and Parchment to ensure 100% of Harmony schools are compliant with Parchment and Indiana’s Electronic Transcript Initiative. We continue to work with these organizations as changes in the initiative occur.
  • Harmony is currently under contract with the ISDH to develop an interface between Harmony and Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP). This will allow a two-way transfer of immunization data between Harmony and CHIRP.
  • Importing of standardized test scores is available in Harmony. As the testing company changes the file format, we update the imports into Harmony. This eliminates the need for manual entry of test scores for transcripts and permanent records.


getting your school started with Harmony

Harmony Software is a robust and flexible application that works daily to meet the needs of all school corporations. Harmony Software has been used in Indiana schools for 16 years, and is currently used in over 100 corporations around the state. By working only with Indiana schools, Harmony can be certain it always is up-to- date on the needs of Indiana schools.
Harmony staff has successfully implemented the Harmony application repeatedly across the state. Implementation is approached on a per building basis, meaning the overall size of the corporation is not as significant as the size of each building. Our staff works side-by-side with your staff to ensure accurate data conversion and a timely implementation. This close working relationship is not how most approach implementations and overall support, but Harmony feels this personal, hands-on approach not only increases the overall success and satisfaction of implementation, but also builds working relationships that prove invaluable. Your staff knows us and understands that the success of your school matters to Harmony.
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