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Harmony on the go...

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Mobile access for people on the go.

Access Harmony from your mobile smartphone or tablet.

- Check homework assignments from ball practice,

- See tomorrow's lunch menu from the grocery store,

- See what score you got on that math test Monday,

- View school events on the mobile calendar,

going mobile

Parents/Students can access student grades, attendance, homework assignments, lunch account and more...

Teachers can take attendance from their phone or tablet, and enter grades from home or school...

Administrators can access student information, view progress, grades, attendance, enter or view discipline records. Email or call a parent right from your smartphone...

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Harmony 3 Information

Video: Harmony3 Trailer

PDF: Harmony3 Overview

>> Helpful tips

deselect all In Harmony, you can clear all your checkmarks at once by going to the Edit menu and choosing Deselect All.

This helps to make sure you don't have records selected that you don't want to act on.

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