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Harmony 3 Family Access

family access

The NEW Harmony 3 Family Access is up and going and being used at several schools now! If you are a Harmony 3 school, contact support@logickey.com to schedule a 15-20 minute conference call to get your school set up and ready to go! At the end of the call you will be fully functioning with Family Access. This means that 15 minutes of your time turns into your parents being able to set up one account and see all the information for ALL their students!

Parents will experience all their usual features, plus many enhancements! They can see graphical representations of assignment summaries, and options the school controls to see discipline comments, the last report card, and standardized tests.

Also, students will have their own login, which limits their access. This means students cannot update demographic information, complete online registration, or change your parentís push notification options! However, they will be able to see all the data students need!

Video: Harmony3 Trailer

PDF: Harmony3 Overview

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