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Harmony School Management

The functions you expect in student management software are all easily performed. However, Harmony has taken things to a new level. Rather than storing student data, Harmony assists you in managing your school, improving your communication with parents and bringing your school into the digital age.

Since all functions of you school are integrated, staff will notice a decrease in the amount of redundant work performed as well as time spent performing routine duties.

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Harmony Cafeteria

Harmony's integrated food service software is very flexible, allowing you to choose the best way for students to be identified in the line. Daily menus and web access for parents to view account details, make this a great feature to add to your Harmony software.

Harmony Media Center

Immediately upon registration of students in Harmony by the school office, they are ready for circulation in the Media Center. Easy check-out and check-in processes as well as adding new materials are all quickly executed in Harmony's Media Center solution.

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